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Rohit Sharma: “I’m Not Here to Break Records, I’m Here to Win the World Cup”

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New Delhi: Rohit Sharma, the captain of India, uttered after achieving an unmatched century in their effortless triumph over Afghanistan in the World Cup, that he doesn’t ponder much about records as he comprehends that there is still a long voyage to traverse.

Rohit constructed numerous records throughout his innings of 131 runs in 84 balls as India vanquished Afghanistan by 8 wickets to engrave their second successive victory. Amidst this interval, Rohit also ascended as the batsman with the most centuries in the World Cup and the most sixes in international cricket.


Rohit expressed that he isn’t excessively pondering over the records as he is well aware that there is still a long path ahead and that maintaining focus is crucial. He further conveyed his consciousness of his responsibility to provide the team with a commendable commencement and secure the most favorable position possible.

India is now confronted with the task of competing against arch-rivals Pakistan on October 14 in their forthcoming match, and Rohit asserted that he is treating it identically to any other match. He articulated his desire to perform similarly in the India-Pakistan match and eschew concerning about external factors.

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